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Advantages of floor type bathtub faucet
  • Date:2019-11-02
  • Read:204
Advantages of floor type bathtub faucet
In terms of Construction:
Floor type bathtub faucet construction, installation process is simpler, time-saving, labor-saving and money saving!
Floor type faucet does not need to be installed with additional openings or reserved water pipes. Compared with wall mounted bathtub faucet, it is too simple and the most important thing is to save money.

From the later maintenance and replacement of parts:
Direct replacement, no "intermediate link"
Floor type bathtub faucet is directly installed on the ground or on the side of the bathtub, and some pipes are exposed, so it is very convenient for later maintenance; while wall mounted faucet adopts the installation of pipes and hardware, so even if there is a problem with the faucet in the later period, it has to be removed to maintain and replace, which is troublesome.

From the convenience of use:
Floor faucet is more convenient and flexible
The floor type faucet is installed on the ground, so the angle can be adjusted at will; while the wall mounted faucet will be limited by the wall, with poor flexibility.

Attention shall be paid to the installation of Bathtub Faucet:
To install the faucet, try not to touch the surface of the faucet directly with hands or tools (just put a package bag) to avoid being "scratched"; connect the hot water on the left side and the cold water on the right side, and do not reverse it.

General height and position of faucet in bathtub

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