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Yasiluo product: floor type bathtub faucet
  • Date:2019-11-05
  • Read:219

Detailed description of the faucet of the floor bath:
Product overview:
1. The main body of all products is made of 59 fine copper, international advanced gravity casting technology and CNC machining. The products are of high quality and durable.
2. The standard of lead in faucet conforms to the national standard of lead in GB / t1176, which is harmless to human health, conforms to the modern concept of green environmental protection, and takes care of your family's health. Swiao sanitary ware will become a good helper for your kitchen and health.
3. The five layer electroplating surface treatment process of the product ensures that the product is as new and shiny as ever. The plating layer is resistant to corrosion. After salt spray test for more than 24 hours, it has super corrosion resistance. All faucet castings are carefully ground by electronic numerical control, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.
4. The valve core adopts the high-tech technology of precise ceramic valve core sealing. After 500000 times of switch tests, it ensures that the tap does not leak after turning off the water, and the hand feel is comfortable, the water flow is smooth, and there is no noise when the flow is large.
5. All faucets are equipped with high-grade thickened 304 stainless steel hose, with high-quality silicone rubber gasket, aging resistance and long service life. The outlet network nozzle is made of copper, the outlet water is softened and filtered, which is not easy to overflow, and the outlet water effect is smooth.
6. High precision CNC lathe seamless welding technology, polishing, to ensure that every product appearance is perfect, fine lines. Installation tools:
Installation instructions: 1. Refer to the installation diagram in the manual for installation. It is recommended to ask professional construction and installation personnel for installation. 2. Before installation, please do a good job in cleaning the water supply pipeline.
3. After installation, please check whether all connections are tight to prevent water leakage.
4. After 10 days of installation and use, it is recommended to clean the water outlet once to prevent blocking.
5. After the installation of the new house, it is recommended to open more windows for ventilation.
Use and maintenance:
1. When using the floor type bathtub faucet, lift the handle, or about 30 degrees left, right, up, down, front and back. The cold water gradually increases to the right and the hot water gradually decreases. On the contrary, the hot water gradually increases to the left and the cold water gradually decreases.
2. Do not use the handle with too much force to prevent affecting the safety and service life of the product. Do not use the handle as handrail or support.
3. When the faucet is operated improperly, if there is no water pressure in cold water, hot water will flow. Please turn off the faucet to prevent scalding of the elderly and children.
4. All bathtub faucets and shower hand-held showers shall not be wound on the faucets at will after use. They shall be kept in a state of stretch, or fixed on the walls or shower poles.
5. In order to protect the bright and clean faucet, please use mild and neutral detergent to clean the dirt on the surface, and do not use acid-base detergent, roughening agent, gauze and soap.


Precautions for use of floor type bathtub faucet

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